Brenna Barzenick

About Tsumommy!

About Tsumommy! - Tsumommy!I consider motherhood as a journey across our planet. My journey has taken
me over mountains (of laundry), oceans (of spilled Kool-Aid), and deserts (of
dried macaroni). What a wonderful trip it is, but how exhausting! Motherhood
has also picked me up and dropped me in front of a computer keyboard,
begging me to tell a story.

Years ago, I wrote a medical advice column titled “Joint Effort.” The
column was published monthly in my hometown newspaper, the Daily Star.
As a physical therapist, I was comfortable dispensing information about
common ailments such as tennis elbow, trigger finger, and low back pain.
I have always had a knack for writing, and at the time I was just thrilled to
have a forum to share my expertise as a therapist.

After becoming pregnant with my first child, writing became a backburner
project. I could only focus on the miracle growing inside of me, and I
knew then to hang up my writing hat. Years passed and two children later, I
was approached by Lil Mirando, managing editor of the Daily Star, to write
a parenting column. At first I declined, knowing that just being a mom
certainly didn’t qualify me to give parenting advice. Besides, I was always
the one that dashed for the parenting section of the bookstore looking for

I knew that one ingredient for successful writing is a clear mind. My
mind was fuzzy at best, and that has not changed. Having babies will do that
to you. I soon decided to surrender to that fact and just go for it. I contacted
Lil and committed to writing a new column that I called “Tales from the
Crib.” I assured Lil that by no means could I give real advice, but I would be
happy to share a few stories about my experiences as a stay-at-home mother.
She liked the idea.

With the success of my column, I decided to compile my stories into a
book. Thus, Tsumommy! was born (and this time it wasn’t so painful).
Thank you for your interest in my story. I welcome you in with open
arms and a big smile!